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25 February 2010 @ 05:13 pm
Cupid's Request

The clouds glistened with the sun's rays, almost blinding to the eye. Cupid lay upon the clouds, eyes closed. His hard-bodied chest rose with each breath and his soft, golden hair shone in the sunlight.

"It seems as though humans have lost the true meaning of love," he thought aloud to no one in particular.

For the past millennia or so, humanity's belief in the gods and goddesses had faded, almost to nonexistence. This fall in faith made the deities feel useless and unwanted; many contemplated death.

The awesome god of love, Cupid, however, felt that he should use his divine powers to do something. Anything. (A part of him also wanted to be entertained).

Ordinarily, he would shoot an arrow into somebody's back and they would fall instantly 'in love' with the person before them. This, Cupid soon realised, only caused passionate infatuation and often led to pain and misery.

However, being the god of love, he could easily force humans to love truly and wholly with whomever he desired. Even so, Cupid could never bring himself to do it.

Now, after many years of careful thinking, endless hours of study and research, Cupid was going to put a plan into action.

This plan would be unlike any other.

He stood up and called Mercury, messenger of the gods.

"Mercury," he began, producing two umber-coloured envelopes from thin air into his right hand as the other appeared in front of him.

The addresses written on the envelopes were in cursive, slanted writing, almost illegible (to a human, that is). The flap was sealed with some red wax that was stamped with an unusual emblem: two arrows were piercing the centre of a love heart in the shape of an 'x'.

Cupid held out the envelopes. "I want you to deliver these."

Mercury glanced at them, his face incomprehensible, but his mind filled with curiosity. Deities generally sent messages to each other in the form of scrolls, not envelopes. He nodded and took them. "As you wish."

Effortlessly, he leapt into the air before soaring away, his winged sandals flapping rapidly, making a vibrating buzzing sound. The messenger glanced behind his shoulder at where he left the love god. Cupid had resumed his afternoon nap.

Mercury looked briefly at the address on the recipient side of one of the envelopes.

"This is a human address..." he murmured, his suspicions confirmed.

With one more look behind his shoulder, Mercury dove down into the white, cotton-like sea.
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25 December 2009 @ 03:38 pm
Title: She's Outta My Life
Pairing:G-Dragon & OC (Own/Original Character)
Rating: PG (language)
Genre: Fluff and.. break up? xD
Disclaimer: Yes, I own Jiyong. /shot. Kidding~ Though, I do have the rights for Jiyeon.
Summary: The title says it all, really.
A/N: Inspiration - a dream I had xD
Oh, I recommend listening to I Want You Back by Jackson 5, She's Outta My Life by Michael Jackson & You & I Are Fools by Stay. Now that I think about it.. I Don't Care by 2NE1 is good too. These songs are all centred around break ups, well.. I Don't Care is more about girls not caring if their boyfriend is a player/playboy, which is implied in this fic.

She's outta my life I don't know whether To laugh or cryCollapse )
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25 December 2009 @ 02:11 pm
He looks at the sky and closes his eyes when a raindrop splashes onto his face.

What am I thinking? he asks himself. This is the stupidest thing I've ever done.

Around him, city goers rush past, trying to get out of the shower of rain. They glance at him for a second - one is even about to ask him why he was standing out in the rain, but realizes they are late for a meeting.

However right now, for Benny, this three storey town house in front of him is his focus. He's wanted to do this for fifteen years now.

It's not that he never got the chance, it's just that he hesitated. Should I, or shouldn't I? was the question that he asked himself all those years.Collapse )
03 November 2009 @ 03:50 pm
I love you
I wish you were here
Why did you leave me?
Do you hate me that much?
I can change
I can become a better person for you
I will become a better person for you
If you'll let me..

Just come back to me
Why'd you go in the first place
If you didn't really want to
You're such an idiot
And i'm an idiot
For letting you go
I should've stopped you
But i didn't

Well, there's no use regretting
And thinking about how things would have turned out
If they went differently
Because we're here now
The two of us
We need to decide
What will we do?
Title: Hey Mister DJ
Rating: PG (language)
Disclaimer: Own everything except some of the places, songs or groups mentioned :D
Summary: Park Mi Soo, a music junkie, moved from Korea to Australia, then came back after 9 years. She decided to try being a DJ for an underground night club called "Chisel Pop", located in Seoul's Eunpyeong district. Shin Jaekyun, a bartender at the club, discovers she's quite good at being a DJ. Because he's close to the manager, Lee Hyun-Su, she's hired at once.
Genre: Romance, comedy.. i'll try to keep the romance on a low level, 'cause.. idk. Romance is clichéd. XD

EDIT: IDRK if i'll do this fic. XD so, yeah.
BUT! i've got another one in my head.. :DD

Title: *insert title here*
Rating: probably G
Disclaimer: DON'T OWN JI YONG. but oh how I wish i did.. *shot*
Summary: Just some high school love.. C:
So Mi kneeled down at the side of Ji Yong's desk, and smiled up at him.
"Hello~" she said.
"Hi.." he replied, eyes on his notebook. When he looked up, and realized no one was there, he looked down in her direction; she kept on smiling.
"You just gonna keep staring at me?" He asked.
"Heh." He smirked. "Well.." He stood up, pushed his chair back and picked up his notebook. "Have fun, but I gotta go. See ya." And without further ado, he walked out.
Maki looked at So Mi, who was pouting sadly. "Just can't be subtle, huh?"

Liiiiiiikkkkkeeeeeee? 8DD
11 July 2009 @ 08:26 pm
Title: Saranghae
Pairing: HeeDragon (Gdragon x So Hee of Wonder Girls)
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters, just the plot.
Summary: How many times does Sohee have to say those three magic words for Ji Yong to notice?
A/N: Just a drabble. Reason for the fail summary. |D

You are about to view content that may not be appropriate for minors.Collapse )
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